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The application process involves answering a series of questions and uploading documentation associated with the works such as plans, drawings, technical specifications and photographs.

There are several stages to the process as outlined below:

Stage 1: Application Submitted - Applicant
Stage 2: Application Reviewed - Network Rail
Stage 3: Conditional Approval – Prepared - Network Rail
Stage 4: Conditional Approval – Granted - Applicant & Network Rail
Stage 5: Works Take Place - Applicant
Stage 6: Entry Into Service – Requested - Applicant
Stage 7: Entry Into Service – Completed - Applicant
Stage 8: Entry Into Service – Accepted - Network Rail

Providing us with as much information as possible when you first submit your application will speed up our response. We aim to respond to all applications within 28 days of initial submission however inadequate or incorrect information provided in the application could delay this.

The application form provides advice and information relating to works ranging from small repairs to structural changes. However, if you require further advice regarding an application please contact us via the Help link at the top of the page.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. We have produced this application process to make sure that there are no negative effects on the safe operation of the railway or any other aspects of our business as a result of your works.

Before starting an application you need to read the Guide to Alterations and also answer the pre-application questions below


Pre-Application Questions:

Q 1. Have you read the Guide to Alterations provided above?

Q 2. Is your application dependent on Listed Building consent?

Q 3. Are you a third party applying on behalf of a station/depot tenant?

Q 4. Is this an application for the installation of an asset that will remain in the ownership of the Tenant? For example: automatic ticket gates, ticket vending machines, heaters, information points, etcetera at a Network Rail Managed Station?

Further Information:

Please note that this online application system is not for the use of internal Network Rail's commercial estate.

Once your application has been submitted, Network Rail will review the application within a reasonable period.

If any of the information provided as part of your application is incorrect or incomplete Network Rail will reject your application and invite you to submit a further application once all pre-requisite information and authorities can be provided.

If Network Rail decides to grant consent, it will provide the same by way of a conditional licence to alter. Please see details below:

The conditional licence to alter is a legally binding contract that will be generated electronically. In order to complete the conditional licence to alter (and therefore obtain consent from Network Rail) the conditional licence to alter will need to be electronically signed by a person who is an authorised signatory of the tenant.

Please note: Having the tenant's authority to make an application for Landlords Consent is not the same as being an authorised signatory of the tenant.

Network Rail may request evidence of authority to sign contracts on behalf of the tenant.

Consent will not be deemed to be granted until a conditional licence to alter is electronically signed and complete.

The conditional licence to alter will contain general terms and conditions; and specific terms and conditions. These will place the tenant under an obligation to do and not to do certain things before, during and after carrying out the alterations.

The specific terms and conditions will be provided to you for review once your application has been considered by Network Rail.

You will be expected to provide anticipated work start dates and work end dates as part of your application. In any event alterations must be complete within six months of the conditional licence to alter being completed. Should your anticipated work dates change, the tenant is under an obligation to inform Network Rail immediately.

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